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Part Ten - Continuing to Fundraise

continuing to fundraise

Continuing to Fundraise

Part 10 is our final installment in our Guide on Running a Successful Raffle and will help you to further maximise support for your cause.

You’ve spent weeks planning your raffle, you’ve sold out of raffle tickets, raised hundreds or thousands, given the lucky winners their prizes, but it doesn’t have to stop there!

By all means put your feet up with a brew, you’ve earnt it! The money you have raised from the raffle will mean a lot to your cause and charity but the fundraising journey isn’t over.

Saying Thank You

Firstly, it’s important to thank your supporters who helped make the raffle the success that it was. Go beyond thanking those that donated but to everyone who was involved. Thank those who: arrived at your event, donated, bought tickets, helped organise & sell tickets and business or individuals who donated prizes.

A thank you will go a long way and may even secure their support in the future. A thank you can never be underestimated as you never know how those same people may help you out again in the future. Supporters are likely to return, donors are likely to donate again and business are more likely to help you out in the future. Think about reaching out to them on social media, saying a big thank you to them in your newsletter, sending out an email or celebrating their efforts on your notice board.

Continue to Fundraise

Secondly, it’s important to know that the need for fundraising never stops, so continuing your support is really important. If your event was a success then you’ll have the confidence to host another one and if people enjoyed the event, they’re more likely to return. Even if your event wasn’t a success, the next step is to start from the beginning and begin brainstorming. This will allow you to change fundraising ideas or brainstorm new ways to improve your existing event. There will always be a way in which you can improve on a previous event and raffle, whether you get more people involved, start planning earlier or change the theme.

So, return back to part 1 and begin fundraising again! Don’t forget that your previous raffle order with us will be saved on your account so ordering another batch of tickets will be even easier! If you have any top tips, case studies or advice you’d like to share, please get in touch so we can spread the word.

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