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How to Run a Raffle in 10 Simple Steps

Running a raffle has always been one of the easiest and cheapest ways to fundraise. It also has the potential to raise a large amount of proceeds for your charitable cause. To help you run a successful raffle fundraiser, the team at Raffle Tickets 4U have created a 10 part Step-by-Step Guide on how to run a raffle to ensure that your raffle brings in as many donations as possible.

Running a successful raffle is actually fairly simple and above all, should be fun.  You just have to make sure you plan it the best way you can. Our guide on how to run a raffle will give you all the tools you need and will subsequently help  you raise more money for your cause.

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How to run a raffle

Our 10 part Step-by-Step Guide includes:

1. What/who are you raising money for?

Choosing a charity, understanding the cause and how will the money help.

2. Ideas for Fundraisers

Brainstorming ideas, finding inspiration and tried and tested fundraiser ideas.

3. Planning your raffle

Your budget? How to source prizes and purchasing raffle tickets.

4. Choosing your raffle prizes

Popular prize ideas, how to ask for donations, maximising ticket sales.

5. How to run a raffle: Is your raffle legal?

Licences and registration, Ticket information and your local council.

6. Designing your raffle tickets

Choosing a theme, logos and images, the correct information.

7. Promoting your Fundraiser/Event

Budget and Timescale, marketing ideas, promotional tips.

8. Maximising Raffle Ticket Sales

Creating awareness, marketing ideas, planning your time.

9. The day of the Event/Raffle

Selling tickets, organised and prepared?, having fun!

10. Continuing to raise funds

Thanking supporters, continuing your support, planning your next event.


Click here for Part One

Finally, don’t forget to let us know how your raffle went. We would love to hear your success stories.




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