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Part Six - Designing your raffle tickets

designing your raffle tickets

Designing your raffle tickets

Part 6 of our Guide on Running a Successful Raffle is all about designing your raffle tickets. If you’re at part 6 of our guide then you’ll have already planned your raffle event and budget, sourced or have an idea of your raffle prizes and checked the legal requirements for your particular raffle. So now you can finally purchase your raffle tickets to start selling them to raise money. This is where we can help with our online editor that makes purchasing raffle tickets stress free and fundraising easy.

Choosing a Template

Firstly, you must consider your budget to decide on your ticket style. Are you planning to keep the costs low with standard tickets, do you need coloured paper or a full colour ticket? Or perhaps you have your design already created and need to get your bespoke artwork printed? You can complete all this on our Ticket Design page where you’ll find the ticket category you need and multiple templates to choose from.

Our standard templates are a popular choice because they ensure you raise your maximum fundraising total because they’re so low cost. If this is your choice you’ll need to decide on the template to use and this will depend on whether you’d like images or more room for prize information.

The next stage is to start building your ticket and personalising our templates with your information. Our edit page allows you to input all your details, upload or choose images and view an immediate proof. You can start filling your ticket in by naming your raffle, something seasonal always works well. Then add your organising body, so your PTA group, School, Church or charity. Your draw date information can also be inputted into the ticket as well as where you raffle is registered, promoter’s name and address, ticket price and if you have a licence number and/or charity number. Check back with Part 5 of our guide for legal guidance on what exactly needs to go on your tickets.

Raffle Ticket Guide

We have included our raffle ticket guide below you show you exactly where the customisable elements are on our standard ticket. Feel free to read more on our Raffle Ticket Guide page.

raffle Ticket Guide

  1. Organising Body
  2. Counterfoil Information
  3. Registered Charity Number
  4. Promotor Name & Address
  5. Title of Raffle
  6. Prize Information
  7. Draw Date, Time & Location
  8. Registered Details
  9. Upload or Choose your Image
  10. Ticket Price
  11. Ticket Number


Raffle Prizes

The prize information is usually the most important to our users because you can show off the prizes you have on offer to persuade people to buy a ticket. This area on our ticket editor can be used however you choose. Some organisations have one amazing prize to shout about and perhaps ‘many more other prizes’ written underneath. Others have a long list of prizes that fill up the area, some include their Facebook page / website address to provide more information. It is completely up to you, but we do recommend that you shout about any prizes that could entice people to buy more tickets!

From many years of experience of providing our customers with raffle tickets, we can give you one piece of advice, order your tickets are early as possible! This will not only take away the stress but will also save you money and give you more time to sell more tickets!


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