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Part Nine - The Day of the Raffle

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The Day of the Raffle

Our Guide on Running a Successful Raffle includes various chapters on planning, preparing and organising your raffle event. The team at Raffle Tickets 4U have put together the guide to help make running a raffle as easy as possible and to ensure you get the most out of your fundraising efforts. If you find yourself at part 9 of our guide then you have successfully planned your raffle and you’re at the final stage of raising money!

This is the part where you can relax and have fun! If you have organised your raffle in plenty time, done your best to promote your raffle and have sourced the best prizes you can offer then part 9 is about selling your tickets and making the draw!

Get Informed

Whether you’re selling tickets at a stall at an event or whether you have resellers selling them before the draw event it’s important everyone is clued up on the cause and charity you’re raising money for. You need to be able to answer any questions your supporters may have in order to persuade them and inform them on the cause. A few questions you may get asked are:

-How will the money raised help the cause?

-When & where will the raffle draw take place?

-What prizes can I win?

-Where did you source your prizes?

-How can I continue to support the cause?


Selling Tickets at an Event

If you’re selling tickets at an event it’s important to create a good atmosphere around your stall. You want your stall to be the most popular attraction!

If you can have your prizes displayed at the ticket selling point that will help to persuade supporters to buy tickets. You could also include printed material to inform on all prizes available, draw date and charity information.

Wearing fancy dress is also another way to attract attention. If there is a theme to the event or if the event is seasonal then fancy dress is not only a way to attract attention but it’s also ensures that the sellers are visible in the crowds.

Enjoy & Have Fun!

The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and smile! Happy sellers create happy supporters and you’ve worked hard to organise the raffle so enjoy the outcome.

Once your raffle has been completed, and the draw has been called, be sure to post on your social media, email newsletter or notice board all the winners to celebrate their support and ensure everyone collects their prize. Good luck!

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