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Part Three - Planning your Raffle

planning your raffle - guide

Planning your Raffle

Are you planning your raffle? One of the most important stages in hosting a raffle is planning it in advance. To ensure your event runs smoothly, a clear plan and some time for organisation is important and will eliminate any last minute disasters. No matter the scale or size of the event, be sure to take the time to create a plan of action.

When planning your raffle. Consider how much time you have before your event and whether your ideas are viable in that time frame. If you’re short on time and the raffle was a last minute decision, the questions you ask yourself may differ slightly. Do you have time to promote the event, or do you just need to sell tickets? Do you have time to ask for donated prizes off local business or will the prize simply be a cash prize from the sale of the tickets?

We have treated part 3 of the Guide to a Successful Raffle as a brainstorming session. We have noted all the elements and questions you’ll need to ask yourself to create a complete plan of action to ensure your raffle can run smoothly. We have also created a helpful Raffle Planner Print Out so that you can come prepared at your next fundraising meeting.


Things to consider:

Time Frame

-Do you know the draw date of the raffle?

-How long until the planned event?

-Is the raffle planned around an existing event / holiday / season?

-Are you selling the ticket prior to the event or just on the day?

-When do you need to have the printed raffle tickets?

-When do you need to distribute the tickets?


-Is your budget big or small and how will this effect the raffle?

-What is the maximum outlay cost you can afford?


-Is your raffle themed?

-Is the theme predetermined by a season / event?

-Is your raffle part of a bigger event such as a school summer fair or a village fete?

Legal Requirements

-Have you registered the raffle with the local council or the charity your raising money for?

-If you’re raising money for a registered charity, do you have the charity number?

-Do you have the promoter’s full name and address if this isn’t you.

-Do you know the price you’re selling the tickets for?

-Do you know the date and location of the draw?

Raffle Draw

-Do you have the date, time, location, venue for the draw?

-Will there be any special guests to make the draw?

Health & Safety

-Will you need volunteers for the event? What is the scale?

-Do you need to carry out a risk assessment for the event?

-Will you need a weather contingency plan if it’s an outdoor event?

-Will you need a first aider present at the event?

The Raffle Ticket

-How long until you need the tickets?

-Will you need an express dispatch service?

-Do you know all your prizes?

-Does the budget allow for standard, colour or bespoke style tickets?

Do you have the logos or images you want on the tickets?

Raffle Prizes

-Who is the target audience?

-Who do the prizes need to appeal to?

-Are the prizes themed?

-How many prizes do you want?

-What is the main 1st prize?

-How will you source the prizes?

-If the prizes are donated, who’s donating them?

Promoting & Marketing

-Who needs to be informed about the raffle?

-How will you let people know you hosting a raffle?

-Will you need printed marketing material? (posters, flyers etc)

-Do you have a social media account that you can use to promote the raffle?

-Who can help you promote the event? Do you have a team of people?
Download the Raffle Planner here so you can print it out, take it to your next fundraising meeting and make sure your raffle is organised and stress free!
Planning your raffle - print out planner

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