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Raffle Tickets 4U

Raffle Ticket Guide

This raffle ticket guide will help you when editing your ticket. All the components below are editable to your own personal information. 


Raffle Ticket Guide

  1. Organising Body – The name of the school, charity, club, church or fundraising group.
  2. Counterfoil Information – Details of where and when the counterfoils, cash and unsold tickets need to be sent back to.
  3. For your registered charity number if it applies to you.
  4. The promoters name and address – This must be the address that your raffle is registered to.
  5. Draw Title – The name of your draw or fundraising event.
  6. Prizes – This can be a list of your top 3 prizes, your biggest prizes, all your prizes or a note to say ‘many exciting prizes to be won’. This area can be filled with any information you wish.
  7. Draw date – When and where the draw will take place.
  8. Register Details – The council that your draw or event is registered with as well as the licence number if you have it (see our Legal requirements for details on registering raffles).
  9. Image or Logo – Choose from your own image or logo or choose from a stock of our themed images.
  10. Ticket Price – The price of your individual tickets.
  11. Ticket number – If your re-ordering tickets for the same event, be sure to change the ticket start number to carry on from your previous numbers.


Ticket Specifications

Standard Ticket Size:

184mm x 75mm including stub.

Serial Numbers:

Printed in red ink on both the ticket and the stub.


Perforated twice, first between the ticket and the counterfoil and between the counterfoil and the stub.


All tickets are glued, not stapled, with in the stub area in books of 5.


Tickets – White 80 gsm


We use vegetable ink for all of our printing. We print in black as standard on our raffle tickets, but we can print in any colour at an extra cost. Our promotional prints and bespoke tickets are printed in full colour, which is inclusive of the cost.


Ticket Template

Our standard ticket template is 184mm by 75mm but we can print bespoke size tickets for you, just get in touch.

If you are creating your own artwork you can download our ticket template, which includes the measurements and positioning you need to adhere to in order for the ticket to be our standard size.

Download Ticket Template


Legal Requirements

There are a few legal requirements that you should be aware of when running a raffle. Please contact your local council for guidance on whether your Draw needs to be registered or not and if it should comply with The Gambling Act 2005. It is an offence to order, print or distribute tickets that do not comply.

All tickets intended for sale to the general public in advance of a ‘Draw’ must be registered with your local Council to comply with the law.

The following is a brief guide to the information that is required on your ticket.

  • As stated above it is the responsibility of the Organisation running the Draw to ensure that they are registered with their Local Authority
  • If the Organisation running the Draw is a registered charity the registered number must be shown on the ticket.
  • The Promoter’s name and address must be shown on the ticket.
  • The Place, Date and Time of the Draw must be shown on the ticket.
  • The Counterfoil must contain contact information and a date for the return of unsold tickets, cash & counterfoils.
  • The ticket price must be shown and all tickets for each Draw must be sold at the same price. It is illegal to offer tickets below the printed price. A book of tickets must be sold for the full value of the tickets it contains.
  • The ticket must show the name of the council it is registered with but doesn’t need to include the license number.

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