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Part Eight - Maximising Raffle Ticket Sales

 maximising raffle ticket sales

Maximising Raffle Ticket Sales

Part 8 of our Guide on Running a Successful looks at maximising your ticket sales to make the most out of your raffle event. Running a raffle is essentially a guaranteed way to raise money but we want to make sure you raise as much funds as possible.

The team at Raffle Tickets 4U believe that there are 3 key elements of a raffle that affect how many tickets you’ll sell: Time, Prizes & Awareness.


Timing is key to maximising ticket sales. Not only should you consider the time of year you hold your raffle but also the time you take to plan & promote and the time you have to sell the tickets.

The timing of your raffle largely depends on your organisation, however it’s clear that planning your raffle around major seasonal holidays, annual events or a specific awareness days, weeks or months can help to sell your tickets and raise more donations. This could be because the event is seen to have more of a purpose if themed around an existing event or perhaps because individuals expect to attend and pay for an event around the seasonal holidays. For example, attend a bonfire night fireworks display, or a summer fete or a Christmas fair. Check out our infographic on key dates throughout the year that you could theme your raffle around.

Through years of witnessing our customers hosting their own raffles, the best piece of advice we could give you is to order the tickets early! There are 3 reasons why ordering your tickets in advance can help you to raise more money:

-You don’t have to pay extra charges for express delivery services.

-You have enough time to sell your tickets and even attract new supporters that have never donated to you before.

-If your tickets are selling fast, you can re-order and sell even more than planned.

Good Prizes

Your raffle prizes are at the core of your event and will determine the amount of raffle tickets sold and the price at which you can sell your them. It pays off to source good quality prizes as supporters will be persuaded to purchase more tickets if they’re eager to win the prizes on offer. Quality prizes will also allow you to charge a higher price for each ticket. A great ballpoint is to sell tickets at £1 and hope each individual buys a whole book of tickets (books of 5). This is more than achievable if you prizes are high quality and relevant to your audience.

A great tip is to source your raffle prizes as if you were buying a gift for a friend or family member. Think of things that will be useful to your audience but also something they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves to make the prize seem more luxurious. Take a look back at part 4 of our guide to help you source great prizes for you raffle.


Making everyone who needs to know aware of your raffle is key to it’s success. If people don’t know about your raffle then they won’t be able to buy a ticket. This is where promoting your raffle helps to maximise your ticket sales.

Firstly, think about your audience and who needs to know about your. Think about how you can market to your existing supporters but also find some new supporters to help maximise sales further.

Once you know who you’re promoting to you can choose how you’re going to do it. There are 4 great ways you can raise awareness of your raffle:

-Word of mouth is a great tactic to informing everyone about your raffle. Talk to anyone and everyone. Plus it’s free!

Social media is essentially an online version of word of mouth and can help to widen your field of supporters.

-Printed posters & flyers is a traditional way of marketing and perfect for small, local raffle events. Be sure to pin them and hand them out in the places you know you’re supporters will visit. Perhaps in the office staff room, school reception or in your next email campaign.

-It’s hard to maximise sales if you’re doing it alone. Get friends, volunteers and colleagues to be your resellers and to sell your tickets on your behalf.

If you need to create attention around your raffle at an event or fair you could always get your sellers to dress up in themed outfits such as Halloween or Christmassy to grab attention over to your stall. T-shirts are a great way to promote your event on the day. Print personalised t-shirts based around your theme or cause.

We have put together a free ebook on ways to boost your sales which is packed with even more advice and top tips to getting the most out of your raffle. Download the free guide here for more advice on choosing your audience, creating your message and choosing the right marketing channel for you.

maximise raffle tickets sales

The next installment of our guide looks at the day of your event so you’re almost there in completing your raffle event and raising those important funds!

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