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We have put together a few of our frequently asked questions to help solve your queries and questions and to make ordering raffle tickets quick, simple and stress free.  Still can’t find what you’re looking for? Send us an email, or give us a call.

Your Order & Account

How do I create an account?

If you are a new customer and looking to sign up to the site you can create an account quickly using just your email address and a password of your choice.

You can create an account using the ‘Login/Register’ button in the top right hand corner of the website where you will then have to click ‘New Customer’ and enter your details in the pop up screen.

Do I have to register to order?

We understand that signing up to websites can be can be a nuisance, which is why we don’t ask you to sign up until it’s necessary. You can view our products, edit them, change the design and browse the website without signing in. You will only need to register if you want to save your design or you’re ready to purchase.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click the ‘Forgotten Password’ button underneath the login screen and we will send you an email to your registered account with your password. If you’re ordering on behalf of a business, PTA group or company and don’t know your full log in details, give us a call and we can locate your account for you.

Can I update my account information?

Yes of course. If you need to change your billing or delivery address, your email settings or your password then sign into your account via the Login/Register button, click on the tab Edit my Details and you can change all your information as you need.

How do I receive the Raffle Tickets 4U newsletter?

You can opt in to the monthly newsletter, which contains exclusive news, fundraising information and discounts on the ‘Edit my Details’ page when you are logged into your account. Alternatively, if you aren’t an existing customer you can enter your email into the newsletter sign up box at the bottom of the homepage and click ‘Sign up’ to receive the newsletter straight to your inbox.

What do I do if my order hasn’t arrived in the specified time?

If you have received a despatch email and your order hasn’t arrived the next working day between 8.00am and 6.30pm, give us a call and we will do our best to locate your parcel and get it delivered as soon as possible.

I have received a despatch email, when can I expect my order?

If you have received a despatch email then your order has left our factory and is with our courier on a next working day service. This means you should receive your parcel between 8.00am and 6.30pm the following working day. If the order is being sent to the highlands or remote areas of the UK, your parcel may take longer than 24 hours.

Can I amend my order once it’s been placed?

We will always try to accommodate your needs if you would like to change your order once it has been placed, however it does highly depend on your despatch service choice.

If you have noticed a mistake, need to change your design or would like to change your despatch option, give us a call as soon as possible and we will do our best to solve it for you.

Shipping & Delivery

Can I upgrade my delivery time after I have ordered?

We will always try to accommodate your needs if you would like to change your order once it has been placed, however it does highly depend on which despatch service you would like and the time of day.

Our cut off point every day is 12:00 noon, so any amendments before this time we can work around, however outside of this time we will do our best to solve your problem.

Do you deliver where I live?

We deliver to all of the UK including the Scotland, Ireland and the Channel Islands. Please note that in some remote areas of Scotland and to the Channel Islands delivery may take up to 48 hours as opposed to our usual next day service.

How much is delivery?

We have a standard delivery charge of £7.95 +VAT on all ticket orders (for UK Mainland deliveries). For delivery charges on our other printed products and for other areas of the UK, please see our pricing page. We also offer an additional charge for our 2 despatch services that are optional depending on how fast you need your order, view our delivery page for more details.

How long will my order take to arrive?

The delivery time of your order depends on your despatch service option. We offer a standard 10 working day despatch service, a 5 working day express despatch service or a 3 working day super express despatch service. For more information on our services visit our despatch page.

Once you have received a despatch confirmation email for your order your parcel will arrive the next working day between 8.00am and 6.30pm unless you choose our pre-noon delivery option.

What courier do you use?

We use DHL to deliver our parcels to the UK, excluding the Channel Islands. They are put on a next day delivery service and should be with you the next working day after you receive your despatch confirmation email from us.

I need my order ASAP, how fast do you deliver?

We offer a Super Express delivery service, which means your order will be printed and despatched in 3 working days and with you on the 4th working day. See our delivery and despatch page for more information on all products.

Will I know when my order is out for delivery?

You will receive a despatch confirmation email from us to say that your parcel has left our factory and you can expect to receive your parcel the next working day between 8.00am and 6.30pm (unless you opted for our pre-noon delivery service).

What happens to my delivery if I’m not at home?

Your delivery will require a signature but if you are not home to receive the parcel, to avoid delay and a re-delivery the driver will try to leave your parcel with a neighbour or in a safe place and they’ll post a card through your letterbox. If this can’t happen then your parcel will be out for delivery again on the next working day.

When do I need to place my order by for it to be day 1 in the despatch cycle?

We have a cut off at 12:00 noon, Monday to Friday where we count that morning as day 1 in the despatch cycle. For example, if you were to place an order at 1:00 p.m on Monday, day 1 would be Tuesday and on a 3 day despatch service your tickets will leave our factory on Thursday.

Creating an Order

Can I include my own logo or image?

Yes, you can upload your own image or logo to our tickets. The image area on our tickets are a specific size, so if you are having difficulty fitting in your image, give us a call and we will see what we can do.

I can’t fit all my information in on a ticket or print product, what shall I do?

There is a limited amount of space that our designs allow for text. However, if you are having difficulty fitting everything in then leave our team some notes and information in the ‘Notes to Production’ section on the design page. We will try our best to accommodate the information on your notes and ring you if we have any problems or further questions.

Can I proof the order before it’s printed?

Yes of course. Our design system provides a live update of your order as you are editing your information. Sometimes you will need to click ‘Save and Update’ for the preview image to update your edited information.

You will also be asked to approve the artwork before moving on to the payment stage to ensure you are happy with your order. You will be prompted to click the red square and the work ‘Aprove’ to confirm your happy with your design.

We do try to proof every order that comes through to us but it is important for you to check your own artwork before you complete the order to avoid any disappointment. Raffle Tickets 4U will not be held responsible for any errors once you have approved your proof online.

Can I have a different ink or paper colour?

Yes of course, however there will be an additional payment, as your order will be considered as a bespoke job. See our pricing page for full details on optional extras.

If you have chosen the full colour customisable template then all ink costs are included in the price.

I’ve ordered the tickets but not yet paid for them?

Orders aren’t received by us and processed until the payment has been taken and the process is complete. If you experience a problem at the payment stage then give us a call and we can ensure the order is completed for you.

Can I save a design for later?

You can edit and customise templates and save them in your saved projects to refer to at a later date. This is only available however, if you are registered and have signed in to your account. If you save your order, you can find it again in your ‘Saved Projects’.

I’m getting an image size warning, what shall I do?

If you get an image size warning but your picture looks ok in the proof screen then your ticket will print fine. If you are worried about the quality or size of your image, or your image simply doesn’t fit in the allocated space, drop us an email with the image attached and we will see if our design team can resize your image.

My image doesn’t fit in logo area, what shall I do?

If your image looks cut off in the product preview then your image will look like this when it’s printed. If you could email us with your order number and attached your photo or logo to the email and we will see if our design team can resize your image for you.

My text looks cut off on the proof of my design, will it print like that?

The proof you see in the editing screen is exactly how the design will print. If you have problems with your text or images then leave our team some notes in the ‘Notes to Production’ and we will rectify the issue or call you if we have any problems.

Can I re-order from my previous designs and make changes?

Yes, you can re-order your previous designs by logging in, clicking your ‘Order History’, and clicking the ‘Re-Order’ button underneath the particular product. You can then edit your design before proofing and paying as you would with a normal order. Remember to edit your start number of your raffle tickets if the re-order is for extra tickets to the same event.

Do you care about the environment?

Yes, of course we do! This is why our raffle ticket books are bound with glue and not staples so that all our products can be recycled. We use only chlorine free paper and vegetable-based printing inks as part of our on going commitment to the environment.

Chlorine free paper is an environmentally preferable alternative to paper bleached with chlorine, as it avoids the harmful toxins produced in the bleaching process. And in contrast to mineral oil based inks, vegetables oils are derived from renewable resources, and the inks made from them are more easily removed from waste paper during the de-inking and recycling process.

Payment, Pricing & VAT

I’m from the channels islands, how do I avoid paying the VAT?

Our checkout system automatically adds VAT to ALL orders. If your order is for delivery to the Channel Islands, the VAT amount will be refunded to your payment card within two working days. The money could take up to 7 working days to appear in your account.

The website won’t accept my payment, what should I do?

It is rare that our payment system is down but if you are experiencing difficulties then give us a call and we can process the order over the phone for you. Please note that orders will not be processed until payment and the order is complete.

I’d like a bespoke quote, who shall I contact?

If you would like a bespoke, non-standard ticket or any other print product then send us an email to support@raffletickets4u.co.uk and Paul, our accounts manager, will get a quote back to you by the next working day. If your quote is urgent then give us a call.

Do you offer discounts to charities?

All of our customers are either charities, or non-profit organisations so we have a company policy not to offer individual discounts to our customers. However, we do offer general discounts throughout the year to our newsletter subscribers. You can sign up on our homepage.

Raffle Tickets

Do I need a licence to run a raffle?

If you plan to sell tickets to the public in advance of the draw you will need a licence. Please see the Legal Requirements section in our ‘Raffle Ticket Guide’ for more details.

How many raffle tickets are in each book?

There are 5 tickets per book. If you would like any other amount per book there will be an extra charge. Send us an email for more details.

What is the minimum amount of tickets I can order?

The minimum amount of tickets you can purchase is 1000. We only print tickets in multiples of 1000, we don’t split them.

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