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November: Fundraising Events

November: Fundraising Events The month of November is a time for the glitz and the glamour. In the lead up to Christmas and the most successful time of year for fundraising, November is host to many of the nations charity ball events so put on your black tie and make the most of the spectacular […]

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October: Fundraising Events

October Fundraising Events Our top picks for October’s Fundraising Events offer a wide range of activities for you to take part in. Whether you want to physically challenge yourself in a run or a swim or fancy something a little more relaxed and change up you wardrobe choices for a great cause, there are plenty of […]

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September: Fundraising Events

September Fundraising Events September presents us with a great variety of fundraising events for everyone to take part in. Whether you’re a fundraising novice or a fundraising expert, everyone can help to raise money for the UK’s charities. You cam put your running shoes on, get fashionable in double denim or enjoy a guilt-free slice of cake, […]

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Part 2 - Ideas for fundraisers

Part 2 – Ideas for fundraisers Now that you know who or what you’re going to raise money for, you now need to decide how you’re going to raise the money. This may have been your first thought and actually sparked your ideas to raise money for a charity or this could be something you’re […]

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August: Fundraising Events

August Fundraising Events We have put together our top picks for the fundraising events in August. There is something for everybody including a gallery exhibition, hike, endurance race and an adrenaline rush! Take a challenge and lend a helping hand by raising money for our countries much loved charities. Even if you can’t take part, […]

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July: Fundraising Events

July: Fundraising Events The fundraising events this month allows you to make the most of the great outdoors! Often, the British summer time can be temperamental, but what ever the weather, get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature whilst raising money for some great charities! From the girl power behind the Race for Life to […]

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June: Fundraising Events

  June: Fundraising Events The month of June has a few celebrations to offer including Alzheimers month, plus Small Charity Week. These fundraising events will create many opportunities for you to get involved, as well as other great events across the UK. So choose a charity to raise money for or choose an event you’d like […]

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May: Fundraising Events

We have rounded up the best of the best fundraising events for the month of May.  This months events are a great mixture of challenges including a colour run, getting together for a BIG English brekkie as well as a charity shop auction. We’ve included the key details and their web address so you can easily sign up […]

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April: Fundraising Events

Don’t be a fool this April and take part in a local fundraising event to help the nation’s most loved charities. The temperature is rising and the sun is shining, which makes for the perfect conditions to be happy, be free and lend a helping hand to those in need. This months events are a great […]

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March: Fundraising Events

March is a fantastic month to get involved in so many fundraising events up and down the country! The best part is, so many events are nationwide and last all month long, you can organise, plan and take part in events when it’s convenient for you! Take a scenic walk, host a banquet breakfast or […]

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