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Raffle Winner has Dinner with George Clooney!

The raffle prize- George Clooney. Image via Nicolas Genin/Wikipedia

The raffle prize- George Clooney. Image via Nicolas Genin/Wikipedia

Could this be the best raffle prize ever?

This time of year is a popular time for charities, schools and organisations to organise a fundraising event and encourage the public to dig deep for so many great causes. Many of these fundraising events often include a raffle and whilst they are relatively easy to set up, sourcing great prizes is often a tricky task. Recently, the lucky winner, Heather McGowan, won what may possibly be the best raffle prize of all time. After donating £5 online to an Itison charity competition, who are supporting the organisation Social Bite, the winner, Miss McGowan, won the opportunity to have a private dinner date with Gorge Clooney himself!

The winner was chauffeured to her private dinner party, where the two sat down to lunch in the Tigerlily bar in Edinburgh. The actor didn’t stop there with his fund raising efforts and made the most out of his trip to Edinburgh by supporting Social Bite and visiting the café, purchasing food and donating £1000.

Social Bite, founded by Josh Littlejohn, is a café chain in Edinburgh that helps support and feed the homeless. The café cooks and serves hand made food, cooked by Michelin star chef Mike Mathieson, at a competitive price to the public. However, the social business concept that the company is based around means that 100% of its profits are given to good causes. The café also employs homeless individuals as a quarter of the team had previously been on the streets. Not only that, but Social Bite ‘Suspended Coffee and Food’ initiative means that customers can purchase food and drinks for the homeless that will later be served to those who need it. What a brilliant act of kindness and a true help to the community.

Social Bite’s mission is to continue to grow throughout the UK and the money raised from the raffle draw, the money donated by George Clooney and the money from purchasing their delicious food all goes towards their goal of giving back to society and helping those in need.

If this has inspired you to donate and help out Social Bite, you can donate on their website or text BITE to 70070 to donate £5, which will go straight into the suspended coffee fund to feed a local homeless person.

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