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Movember- The moustache is back!

November Campaign- Image via November Foundation

November Campaign- Image via November Foundation

The humble moustache has been around for centuries, framing the lips of kings, artists, pop stars and the modest man. The style of the moustache, and any facial hair for the matter, has changed with the trends of time to symbolise and represent different things. By the end of the 19th Century, the moustache was in a dark place. Facial hair was seen to represent dirt and bacteria and men were often forced to shave or cover their beard. After World War I however, it could be said a mass moustache revolution began as men who were forced to shave their beards off at war, now grew them fuller and stronger. Salvador Dali’s moustache entered the record books as the most recognisable moustache in history. Dali explained that, through all of his uniqueness and quirkiness, his moustache was, “the most serious part of his personality”. The 1980’s may have been the year for the moustache as it was seen on many celebrities and movie stars and became quite iconic for the decade.

These past few year, it can definitely be said that beards are back with full force and there is no denying that the beard and the moustache trend is continuing to grow with rising sales of men’s grooming products, an increase of celebrity males adorning the beard as well as the Movember Foundation expanding year on year.

The idea for the Movember Foundation began with 3 friends in Australia challenging each other to not shave their moustache for a whole month. In 2003 the idea was born and the foundation has grown rapidly year on year. Since 2003, nearly 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas have joined the foundation and have collectively raised over £402 million.

The foundation prides its self on its caring and humble nature with just the right amount of cheeky fun that helps it grow and raise millions for men’s health across the world. With men, on average, dying 6 years younger then women, the foundation believed more needed to be done to support the gender to live a healthier, happier life. The foundation focuses on donating money towards research for prostate and testicular cancer as well as looking into issues surrounding men’s mental health and physical inactivity to ensure men can live a happier, healthier life.

Move in November Campaign- Image via Movember Foundation

Move in November Campaign- Image via Movember Foundation

It is super easy to get involved this month in raising awareness and donating money towards the Movember foundation. And don’t worry, this year it’s not just for men! The Move in Movember is here as a new way to raise money for men’s health and means that women, and those who you who can’t grow a killer moustache, can help toward the charity as well.

Whether you choose to wear a moustache with pride or get moving every day this month, be sure to sign up on the Movember Foundation website to show your support and start raising money. Get sponsors for your efforts or go that extra mile to raise money with an event, raffle or sponsored activity and watch the Movember foundation grow, men’s lives increase and the moustache build on its popularity.



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