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Summer Fair Ideas - 7 Easy Ideas to Inspire

  Feeling uninspired by the same old summer fair ideas? Well, it’s time to get creative and check out our take on classic fundraising stalls to make the most out of your school summer fair. However big or small the budget you can create inventive, exciting and creative Summer fair ideas for any cost.  All […]

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London Marathon Raffle Tickets

London Marathon Raffle Running a marathon is one of the best ways and certainly one of the toughest ways you can raise mone . It takes a lot of will power and at Raffle Tickets 4U we have utmost respect for all those that give it a go. Over the years many Raffle Tickets 4U […]

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Summer Fundraising Ideas: Infographic

Summer Fundraising Ideas: Infographic The next few months ahead make for the perfect time to host a fundraising event and to make the most of the summer weather. So we have put together a few great summer fundraising ideas that are perfect for the work place, school fundraising, sport clubs or even just for friends and […]

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May: Fundraising Events

May: Fundraising Events Always thought that fundraising events weren’t for you because they always involve running 5k’s, 10k, or marathons? Think again! We have included a variety of May fundraising events that show there is something out there for everyone to take part in. Take a look and show your support. Happy Fundraising Muddy Dog Challenge  […]

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April: Fundraising Events

April: Fundraising Events One of the biggest charity events of the year takes place in April so it’s hard not to mention the London Marathon. But we understand that you’ll no longer be able to sign up to the event which is why we have included other running, walking and even abseiling events that you can […]

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March: Fundraising Events

March: Fundraising Events Always wanted to take part in an organised charity event but never knew which one to choose? We have put together our top 5 fundraising events for March that include a wide range of activities and charities for every individual. Whether you take a scenic walk or join a tower race, wear a […]

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February: Fundraising Events

  February: Fundraising Events Our theme for the picks for February Fundraising Events is Love & Laughter. With Valentine’s Day taking centre stage in February we have put together some ideas that would be perfect presents, events or experiences to have with your loved ones and to celebrate love and laughter. From once in a life […]

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December: Fundraising Events

  December: Fundraising Events Christmas is a time for giving and a season of festivities and cheer. But don’t forget those who are less fortunate and aren’t able to enjoy the Christmas period. You can make a difference this year and take part in the December fundraising events up and down the country. You don’t have to […]

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Christmas Raffle Planner

Christmas Raffle Planner Are you in charge of planning your Christmas Raffle? We have the perfect tool to help you organise your festive raffle to ensure your event runs smoothly. Our Christmas Raffle Planner can help you to create a clear plan of action to eliminate any last minute disasters and ultimately boost ticket sales. Sandra […]

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Christmas Fair Ideas

Christmas Fair Stall Ideas You have the date set for your Christmas fair and now you need to fill the event with great, seasonal, profitable stalls. We have put together some festive themed, classic and quirky Christmas Fair ideas to help maximise your fundraising total. It’s time to start organising…   Creative & Craft Christmas Fair […]

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