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Top 10 Fundraising Ideas


Are you stuck for ideas on how to fundraise?  Here are our Top 10 Fundraising Ideas that show there is something out there for everyone to take part in. Obviously, you can always supplement your ideas by holding a raffle to go along with it. 

Happy Fundraising!


  1. Run a Raffle – Obviously this is going to be our number one choice. For more information read our how to run a raffle in 10 easy steps. The great thing about raffles is they can be run any time of the year. In fact, running a raffle has got to be one of the most fun and cost effective way of raising funds.
  2. Movie Night –  is a great way to get everyone together in the Winter although you could rent an outdoor cinema in the Summer months. Ask for a donation for entry and raise extra money with snacks and drinks. This one is great for adults and kids alike.
  3. A Summer/Winter Fair – This one is particularly good if you are involved in a PTA as kids love a Fair. Make sure you order your raffle tickets early for this one and do the draw on the day.
  4. Tea and Coffee Mornings – “Sip, chat, and support! —a perfect blend of camaraderie and support. Beyond fostering friendly conversations, these gatherings double as effective fundraisers. If you’re hosting at your school or church consider offering unique treats like homemade pastries or artisan biscuits. You could even bake them yourself and make even more money.
  5. Run for a Cause – Explore short runs or ultra marathons for impactful sponsorship opportunities, catering to all fitness levels. With diverse organisations hosting races year-round, discover affordable entry fees for an effective fundraising avenue supporting causes you care about.”
  6. Sponsored Skydive –  This ones for all the adrenalin junkies out there. Embark on an unforgettable Charity Skydiving Adventure by joining exclusive events hosted by various charities nationwide. You can even secure a cost-free skydiving experience if you exceed your fundraising goals.
  7. Quiz Nights – These work well either in a physical venue or on an online platform via an app such as Zoom or you can use an app like Kwizzbit. Charge an entry fee per team or per person.
  8. Dress Down Day – Transform your workplace with a fun Dress Down Day. Encourage a relaxed atmosphere by allowing employees to wear casual or even fancy dress attire and then generate some extra income by charging a nominal fee for non-work clothing and implementing fines for forgetful individuals 🙂
  9. World Book Day – Celebrate World Book Day with a Twist! Dressing up isn’t just for kids—it’s a fantastic way to promote reading and have some fun. Schools nationwide join in the festivities, and the World Book Day website offers abundant resources to make your event a hit. Boost your community spirit, create a lively social buzz, and, most importantly, raise essential funds! Don’t forget to tap into your community’s love for books by selling unwanted treasures. This will definitely make reading cool and fundraising even cooler!
  10. Dance-a-thon:  Finally, we come to the dance -a- thon. See who can last the longest on the dancefloor?



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