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The Raffle Ticket Printing Process: Behind the Scenes Video

ticket printing process video

Behind the Scenes: The Raffle Ticket Printing Process

Our teams passion for print began more the 70 years ago. Through that time our skilled printers have gained the experience, knowledge and love for the print that helps to create a successful raffle ticket printing process that produces our high quality tickets.

Raffle Tickets 4U is an online company that allows customers to create, edit and personalise ticket templates. However, our key operations can be found in our factory where our traditional printing machines are running non-stop in order to print the 20 million raffle tickets a year that we produce. The factory stands at the heart of our business and the soul of our brand. This is why we felt that it was important to document our ticket printing process and to show you our behind-the-scenes operations.

From setting up the machine, to applying the ink and cutting the tickets the traditional process is seamless and hasn’t changed much in over 70 years. So whilst our website may have just had a make over, our printing process remains the same; efficient, of superb quality and highly reliable! Check out our short documentary to see how your raffle tickets go from screen to paper.



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