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Seasonal Fundraising Calendar

seasonal fundraising calendar

Seasonal Fundraising Calendar

One of the best way to get the community involved in a fundraising event is if it has a seasonal theme. Research has shown that donations to charities rise towards the end of the year and it’s said that the Christmas spirit encourages people to give a little extra. However, there are plenty of seasonal holiday and charity events that you could take part in or theme your own seasonal fundraising event around.

We know from our own raffle ticket sales that order amounts rise significantly from Sepetmber until December and that is why have created a calendar of seasonal events, for the last 4 months of 2016, to help inspire your next fundraising event.

Key events to focus on are Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. It can be daunting to think about throwing an event for each holiday however you can easily choose tried and testing fundraising methods, but create a seasonal twist to each. For example, if you’re hosting a movie night in October then create a spooky decorated venue and watch spooky films with halloween inspired sweet treats. If you’re hosting a Christmas fair then you can use similar stall ideas but with a festive spin – Festive food stalls like hot chocolate stands and hog roast rolls as well as christmas tree decorating stall, pin the carrot on the snowman and Santa’s grotto photo booth.

A seasonal fundraising event just requires a little imagination and a lot of creativity. To help inspire you and your fundraising team we have created themed Pinterest boards full of great ideas from around the web. Take a look at our:

Halloween Fundraising Board 

Autumn Inspiration Board

Christmas Fundraising Board

Christmas Hamper Ideas Board

Christmas Bake Sale Recipe Board 


seasonal fundraising events calendar


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