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New Partnership: The Scouts Association

Scouts Association partnership

New Partnership: The Scouts Association

We are excited to announce the launch of our partnership with The Scouts Association.

Our mutual love of fundraising has made this partnership a great match. We take great pride in the part we play in helping The Scout Groups nationwide to fundraise money and providing them with high quality, personalised, printed raffle tickets. Without the help of donations from various fundraising schemes, The Scout Groups would struggle to survive in their day to day running, so fundraising has become a part of their culture. This is why they have chosen to partner with us to help them to maximise the funds they raise and to help make the process easier.

Running a raffle is a tried and tested method for raising essential funds, they have been held by charities and organisations for many years and have become a staple at every Christmas and Summer fair. This is why the Scouts still have faith in the humble raffle ticket to be a key component in their fundraising plans. 

Clive Richards, RT4U’s Managing Director, explains how, “we are really thrilled to be the official Scouts partner supplier of raffle tickets. The Scouts understand that raffles are one of the most effective way to raise funds. With more partners set to launch later this month, it goes to prove that printed raffle tickets are consistently one of the most successful fundraising tools for charities, clubs and schools.” ”

The traditional raffle ticket is so successful, even in this digital world, and we are excited at the future opportunities for Raffle Tickets 4U and The Scouts Association.

If you believe your charity, club or organisation would benefit from partnering with us and would like access to exclusive products, offers and fundraising support then get in touch with our Partner Manager, Amy Bruce on amy@raffletickets4u.co.uk or call 01794 340 100.

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