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eBook Preview: Use Social Media to Boost Ticket Sales

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eBook Preview: Use Social Media to Boost Ticket Sales

Social media platforms can be a great way to connect with your supporters and promote your organisations latest events. There are billions of people, world wide, who have an account on a social media channel and this is what makes it the perfect place to promote your raffle and boost our sales.

We have recently launched our first eBook, Boost Your Raffle Ticket Sales – Tips & Guide, that is full of ideas, tips and advice on boosting your raffle ticket sales. Within the eBook is a section on, Utilising the internet: Using social media to boost ticket sales.

Within this section we look at the 2 best platforms for fundraising (Twitter & Facebook), ideas to include in your posts and the teams top tip for this area of promoting your event. We also use our rating system to tell you which of the marketing methods discussed in the eBook is the most effective, most time consuming, involves the most effort and what’s the cheapest option.

Utilise the Internet: Social Media

Social media is just like using word of mouth to promote your raffle event, only it’s online, so be sure to speak to people and start conversations. Get involved with similar organisations, like supporters posts, share posts from others and send comments. The more you talk to others, the more likely you are to widen your audience and gain more support. You never know how you may find that could help your organisation.

RT4U’s Top Tip: Don’t forget to be social on your channels! Invite your friends, follow people who may be interested and start conversations.

The 2 best channels for promoting your raffle and fundraising event is Facebook and Twitter. Both these channels allow you to post content to your profiles to inform you followers of the latest news. It’s important to post regularly to make sure people are always reading about your organisation. Photos and videos attract a lot of attention on social media and they can be useful to encourage people to click on your links and donate, attend your events or sponsor you.

To promote your raffle be sure to have all the relevant information on your profile or event page, including the draw date & location, promoter details, ticket price, where they can purchase tickets from and most important, the prizes up for grabs. Take photos of your prizes and link to the businesses that have donated them to. It’s important to show what you supporters can win to encourage them to buy tickets.

The best things about using social media to boost ticket sales is that it’s free. So regardless of your budget, you can set up a profile, create an event and start posting to engage your supporters. Keep updating your profile, even when you don’t have an event or raffle on, to make sure your supporters stay following you. There are various ways social media platforms can you help you to fundraise, other than promoting your events. Check out our post, How-to: Use Social Media to Fundraise and our infographic with social media fundraising facts & stats.

Download our FREE eBook to help boost you raffle ticket sales

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The eBook also looks at:

-Finding & communicating your message

-Finding and expanding your audience

-Choosing the right marketing channel for your time scale, budget and skill level.

-Ideas and advice on to use: traditional printed marketing material,creating the best ticket, using word of mouth and finding resellers.

Our aim at Raffle Tickets 4U is to make fundraising easy, which is why we have put together our all our top tips and tricks for promoting and marketing your raffle.

Whilst the ideas and advice in this guide are specific to raffle events, the techniques could easily be transferred to other fundraising events of various sizes. So if you’re planning on fundraising this year, this guide can help you!

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