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Summer Fundraising Ideas: Infographic

Summer Fundraising Ideas: Infographic

The next few months ahead make for the perfect time to host a fundraising event and to make the most of the summer weather. So we have put together a few great summer fundraising ideas that are perfect for the work place, school fundraising, sport clubs or even just for friends and family.

Each idea could be used separately as a small event or why not combine them a create a fun-filled summer event that lasts the whole day. We all know the great British weather can sometimes let us down, which makes planning an outdoor event a little nerve-racking,  but don’t be put off. Simply create a contingency plan so that you have an organised plan in advance. Hire or purchase some gazebos that can shelter guests whilst they eat / watch the cinema etc. Host the event in a space that could cater for the guests inside as well as outside. All the activities could easily be adapted for an indoor summer event, you’ll just have to be creative!

We’d love to see photographs of your summer fundraising events that you host over the next few months, tweet us @Raffletickets4u or email us at info@raffletickets4u.co.uk and you could feature on our next blog post!

summer fundraising ideas Infographic


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