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Summer Fair Ideas - 7 Easy Ideas to Inspire

Summer Fair Ideas

Summer Fair Ideas


Feeling uninspired by the same old summer fair ideas? Well, it’s time to get creative and check out our take on classic fundraising stalls to make the most out of your school summer fair.

However big or small the budget you can create inventive, exciting and creative Summer fair ideas for any cost.  All you have to do is to put in the elbow grease!

First things first is to create a theme, this will allow you to put a twist on your stall ideas.  Making your theme unique and original to your school.  For instance, you could take the traditional option of the old school, vintage fair ideas or American circus themes. Similarly, why not try creating themes around the idea of summer. For example, a Hawaiian style, beach party or classic British garden party. Think outside the box and choose a theme that’s creative.

Whatever your theme you can customise and tweak the classic summer fair stalls to match the event. As a result, you will create a great atmosphere for a successful day of fundraising. Check out our top 7 ideas that can get you inspired to start planning your event and, above all, have fun!

Summer Fair Ideas: 7 Easy Ideas to Inspire

1. Photobooth

Set up a backdrop and put together some fun props to use and position a camera on a tripod to take photographs of the people at the booth. You could charger for each photograph taken and share the photos on your website. Alternatively, you could charge for the photo to be printed out there and then.

2. Run a Raffle

Running a Raffle is simple and fun, plus it’s a brilliant way to raise money at your Summer Fair. Start by finding the prizes. For example, ask local businesses for donations, have a small budget to purchase goods or offer a cash prize from the sale of tickets. Most importantly, if you are selling your tickets in advance of the event, make sure that your raffle is legal. Our Raffle Ticket Guide will tell you everything you need to know. Whilst you are here, why not take a look at our Summer Themed raffle tickets too.

3. Face Painting

If you have some creative colleagues then they are perfect to be a part of the face painting stall. Have a book of options for the children to pick from and an array of paints, glitters and sponges ready for painting.

4. Jewellery making

The stall can include an array of threads, ribbons, beads, and sequins and charge each individual that wants to make there own jewelry. Also, you could hold mini-tutorials or have help cards to show specific types of jewelry that could be made.

5. Hook A Duck

A classic hook-a-duck stall is always a winner with the crowds and is one of our favourite summer fair ideas. Above all, it is a simple thing to set up and is guaranteed fun. Rather like running a raffle, the hardest part is finding the prizes but they can be as simple as small cuddly toys, sweets or vouchers.

6. Cake Sale

Selling homemade or even shop bought cake will always guarantee sales. Match the theme of the cakes to the event or simply bake the most delicious cakes you can. You could even have a cake decorating area for the children to ice their own cupcakes.

7. BBQ

Firstly, no one can resist the smell of a BBQ and secondly, there is lots of profit to be had from the sale of burgers and hot dogs. Why not get your local butcher involved too. He could even donate the prizes for your raffle. However, don’t forget there are plenty of vegetarians out there so remember to cater for them too.


Finally, we’d love to see your school fair photographs. So, why not tweet us @Raffletickets4u or email us and you could feature in our next blog post! Also, please let us know some of your favourite Summer fair ideas.


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