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School Summer Fair Ideas: Infographic

School Summer Fair Ideas: Infographic

Feeling uninspired by the same old summer fair stall ideas? Well it’s time to get creative and check out our take on classic fundraising stalls to make the most out of your school summer fair.

Whether your budget is big or small you can create inventive, exciting and creative summer fair ideas for any cost, as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease. First things first is to create a theme, this will allow you to put a twist on your stall ideas, making them unique and original to your school. You could take the traditional option of the old school, vintage fair ideas or American circus themes. You could also create themes around the idea of summer and try a hawaiian style, beach party or classic British garden party. Or think outside the box and choose a theme thats random and creative such as an event based on a film or book, or an animal themed fundraiser or even a superhero event.

What ever your theme you can customise and tweak the classic summer fair stalls to match the event and create a great atmosphere for a successful day of fundraising. Check out our infographic with the teams top 6 stall ideas that can get you inspired to start planning your event. You could also check out our Summer Fundraising Pinterest board for more stall ideas, themes and food recipes to help along your planning. Also, why not take a look at our Summer Themed raffle tickets too.

We’d love to see your school fair photographs to check out your creative stall ideas. You can tweet us @Raffletickets4u or email us at info@raffletickets4u.co.uk and you could feature in our next blog post!

School summer fair stall Infographic

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