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Why you should Promote your Fundraising Event on Facebook

promote your fundraising event

Why you should Promote your Fundraising Event on Facebook

If you’re trying to boost your fundraising total then it’s essential that you promote your fundraising event, and this is where social media comes in. The world of social media can be over whelming with hundreds of platforms it’s difficult to know where to begin. We recommend that your number one choice for the best platform to promote your event is Facebook.

Firstly, like many other platforms, it’s free. You can pay for promoted ads, but if your event is low-key or you’re planning to just promote it through your friends and family then it’s completely free of charge. Secondly, a traditional way of promoting your event is through word of mouth, and Facebook allows you to essentially spread the word via your digital self. It’s likely that many of your friends and family members already have a Facebook account, making it super easy to share your event throughout your Facebook community. Lastly, it’s probably the easiest platform for beginners. The process of creating an event, and posting about it can easily be done in a few simple steps.


How to promote your fundraising event

You can create an event on Facebook that will allow people to join and inform you if they’re going, thinking about it or have declined. It’s essentially an online invitation, containing all the relevant details they’d need to attend your event. You can share the date, location, time, if you need a ticket and what they can expect from your event. This also works if you’re taking part of an organized event, you can find the event and add yourself to the group to say your attending.

To ensure you’re getting the word out,  update your status regularly with updated information on the event you’re organising or attending. Be sure to add in the link to your event page or sponsor page so that people can easily find out more information. Share your planning stages, or behind the scenes of the event or you could share your training photos or post event images. Photographs and humour is always a winner in getting people involved. Be creative.

A key element of social media is to be social! Don’t forget to get involved in conversation. Comment, like and share other people stories or anyone who is attending the same event, or raising money for the same charity. It’s likely that the charity will also have its own Facebook page so find it, like it and get involved.

After all the promoting it’s important to remember to say thank you. If people have donated to your cause, attended your event or shared your post, be sure to say thank you. Showing a simple symbol of appreciation goes a long way and could even help you maximise the money raised!


Raffle Tickets 4U Top Tips

-Be social! Get involved and start talking. It’s likely that if you help a fellow fundraiser, they will return the favour with a donation, share or to accept your invitation.

-Create a specific event, as this allows you to easily share the link and direct people to your event page where all the relevant information is stored in one place.

-Post photos. It’s no secret that Facebook gives users a free pass to being nosey and everyone loves to know what going on behind the scenes. It will also make people feel involved and adds a personal touch to your event or sponsor page.

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