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Pancake Day Recipes!



Happy Pancake Day!

Pancake Day may just be our favourite holiday here in the office so we decided it was essential to create a Pinterest mood board of our favourite recipes!

Whether your a traditionalist with your pancakes or whether you like to experiment with flavours and textures, we have the perfect mood board to inspire your creations! Lemon, sugar, nutella, cream, syrup…. the list is endless!

We’d love to see your pancake pictures, so tweet us @RaffleTickets4u!

We always follow Jamie Oliver’s 1 cup pancake batter recipe to ensure the easiest, quickest, best results. Simply mix together:

1 cup of self-raising flour, 1 up of milk (or non dairy alternative) and 1 egg.

Perfect pancakes every time- just top with your favourite treats!

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