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Our Top Two 2015 Christmas Adverts


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Our Top Two 2015 Christmas Adverts

The battle of the best Christmas ad seems to get more competitive each year, with our best loved brands trying to pull on our heart strings and symbolise the festive season in just a few minutes. With top contenders from DebenhamsBurberry, Lidl and Asda this year, our top two, 2015 winners are, John Lewis and Sainsbury’s. Not only do the adverts signify and symbolise the act of giving and the feeling of love at Christmas but they have both partnered up with two great charities to support their work and raise awareness for their cause this Christmas. These adverts pulled on our heart strings and made us laugh but they both are also giving back to the community and helping those in need, which for us, sums up the festive feeling and the meaning behind Christmas spirit.

The John Lewis Ad & Partnership with Age UK

John Lewis are brilliant at pulling on your emotions and following the brilliant Monty the penguin 2014 advert, the Man on the Moon is even more thoughtful and loving. The focus of the man on the mood story is to raise awareness of how lonely is can be for older people at this time of year. The advert is in partnership with Age UK who help to make the life of an older person that little less lonely with weekly visits and daily phone calls to make sure the everyone is thought of this Christmas. Did you know that 1 million older people go without speaking to someone for a whole month! That statistic is worrying and especially in this festive season, no one should be alone. So with the help of your donations and the donations received from the Man on the Moon John Lewis purchases, the Age UK team can continue to support those who need it.

The Sainsbury’s Ad & Partnership with Save the Children

This years Sainsbury’s advert features Mog the Cat who has a ‘Christmas Calamity!’ The advert signifies again the power of giving at Christmas and shows the traditional family get together in the last scene. Mog the Cat not only spreads the festive cheer but is also helping to support children through Sainsbury’s partnership with Save the Children. One in five children last year, finished primary school without the ability to read, which is a fundamental part in a child’s progression. All the money raised from the book sales of Mog will be donated to Save the children and the work they do to run the literacy programme and support families, in the UK, to encourage children to read and write to ensure they have the best start to good qualifications, a job and unlocking their full potential.

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