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Nature is Speaking

Nature is Speaking- Image via International Conservation

Nature is Speaking- Image via International Conservation

Nature is Speaking… but will you listen?

Conservation International launched the Nature is Speaking campaign back in October 2014 with a range of beautifully shot, short films voiced by a few big names in Hollywood. The hollywood stars to voice the characters of nature for short-films include Liam Neeson as Ice, Reese Witherspoon as Home, Penelope Cruise as Water, Julia Roberts as Mother Nature and many more.

The first few weeks of the campaigns launch were a resounding success with thousands of tweets, hashtags and mentions, other big named stars getting involved through social media and thousands of views of the films on YouTube. However that was only the beginning of the campaign, through the next year, Conservation International continued to release the documentaries to build upon the awareness they had initially built and to help nature fight back in the battle between the earth and us. Now, with hundreds of millions of video views, thousands of people on board and 10 short films in the catalogue, the campaign continues to grow and the importance of the message remains paramount.

Nature is Speaking- Home, Image via Conservation International

Nature is Speaking- Home, Image via Conservation International

The Nature is Speaking Campaign is built around the notion that,

“Nature doesn’t need people. People need nature.”

This tag line is repeated throughout the short films to exaggerate the importance of our planet and that without nature and its amazing abilities, people, you and me, wouldn’t survive. The latest film to be released is called Home and is voiced by Reese Witherspoon. The film brings to light that this is the only home we have and if we continue to destroy it, it only means we are destroying ourselves.

The aim of the campaign is to ‘raise awareness that people need nature in order to survive’ and the goal is to simply ‘change the conversation about nature to focus on what we all have common: Our shared humanity’. To join in on the conversation post a selfie of you and nature and discuss why nature is important to you with the hashtag #INeedNature or #NatureisSpeaking.

Nature is Speaking, will you listen? Image via Conservation International.

Nature is Speaking, will you listen? Image via Conservation International.

Facts & Figures

Did you know that we loose 46-58 thousand square miles of rain forest every year, that’s 36 football fields every minute! The trees within the rainforests are home to people and wildlife who depend the trees for shelter and food. Not only that, but the trees produce vital oxygen for the air we breath and without air, how would we survive?

Global warming effects many areas of our planet, however a significant problem is the rise in sea levels. Over the past 20 years, the annual rate of rising water has been 3.2 millimetres a year, which is roughly twice the average speed of the proceeding 80 years. Rising sea levels has many consequences on the planet including loss of coastal habitats and wildlife, larger destructive storms and low-lying islands becoming completely submerged by the flooding waters. It is predicted that by 2100, sea levels will have risen by 0.8 to 2 meters, which will swamp many of the cities on the U.S. East Coast. If the water is to rise to 7 meters, this is enough water to completely encompass London.

On the other hand, we are destroying the precious water supply we have on earth by wasting it and being thoughtless. Did you know it takes 8000 litres of water to grow enough cotton for one pair of jeans. It’s fascinating that we are not only wasting water by keeping up with the demand of fast fashion but we are also polluting water with the harsh chemicals that are involved in making certain types of textiles and fashion garments.

The list of surprising and frightful facts goes on and this is why the Conservation International ‘Nature is Speaking’ campaign is more important now than ever.
Nature Is Speaking was specifically designed to serve as a wake-up call, sparking a new conversation about nature’s essential role in our lives and how we must shift our values and behaviors,” explains the Conservation International’s Chief Marketing Officer, Meg Galloway Goldthwaite.

So take a look at the latest campaign video below, check out more information and all the videos from the campaign on the website and start spreading the conversion using the hashtag #NatureisSpeaking.

We’re listening, will you?

(Facts from: http://ocean.nationalgeographic.com/ocean/critical-issues-sea-level-rise/, http://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/deforestation & http://www.purewaterpeople.co.uk/blog/2014/04/facts-about-water-infographic/)

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