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London Marathon Raffle Tickets

London Marathon Raffle

London Marathon Raffle Tickets

Running a marathon is one of the best ways and certainly one of the toughest ways you can raise mone . It takes a lot of will power and at Raffle Tickets 4U we have utmost respect for all those that give it a go. Over the years many Raffle Tickets 4U customers have boosted the amount they raised by holding events and running a raffle.

The next big running event is the London Marathon. If you want to run a London Marathon Raffle you need to consider some key elements before you start. Take a look at our other blogs on  raffle prize ideas, and our guide to planning a raffle.

Obviously you are going to be really up against it with all the training.  Getting a partner to help you to  get the prizes and venue sorted out will definitely be a big help.

Many charities rate running a raffle very highly on their top things to do when running the London Marathon. The best thing to do is run an event and get people to donate. You could hold all sorts of events before the big day.  How about a sponsored football tournament, a cheese and wine party or a fancy dress disco? Ideas like these will help boost the sale of your London Marathon Raffle tickets.

People won’t mind giving you some money if they they have the chance of getting something in return too especially when a typical raffle ticket only costs between one or two pounds. Also, when everyone sees that you are not just putting in an incredible amount of time and energy in running but are also involved in other events to raise money for your chosen charity they will be super impressed.

So go on, don’t delay, start ordering your tickets now and get fundraising.




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