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Guide to Running a Successful Raffle

Guide to Running a Successful Raffle

For generations, running a raffle has been a much-loved part of British fundraising. It is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to raise money and has the potential to raise a large amount of proceeds for your charitable cause.

To help you run a successful raffle fundraiser, the team at Raffle Tickets 4 U have created a Step-by-Step Guide to ensure that your raffle, the event day and everything in between brings in as many donations as possible. After all, that’s the aim of the game.

Over the next 10 installments, our Step-by-Step Guide will include details on planning your event, how to promote a raffle, does your raffle meet the legal requirements and how to organise (and have fun) on the day of your event.

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Part 1: What / who are you raising money for?

Part 2: Ideas for fundraisers

Part 3: Planning your raffle

Part 4: Choosing your raffle prizes

Part 5: Is your raffle legal?

Part 6: Designing your raffle tickets

Part 7: Promoting your fundraiser / event

Part 8: Maximising raffle ticket sales

Part 9: The day of the event / raffle

Part 10: Continue to fundraise

How to: Run a successful raffle Guide Infographic


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