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Halloween Fundraising Tips

halloween fundraising ideas

Halloween Fundraising Tips

It is likely that you’re focused on your Christmas fundraising plans but Halloween is the perfect excuse to host a fundraising event. Our previous post about Seasonal Fundraising Events shows that you’re likely to boost your total if you’re event is based around a season or a theme so we have put together some Halloween Fundraising Ideas to spark your imagination.

Take advantage of Halloween and host a mini fundraising event and/or a firework display that can help you to boost your fundraising totals for 2016. We have scoured Pinterest to put together a Halloween Fundraising Board with the best ideas from around the web to help inspire your seasonal event. We have also chosen our top 5 ideas that we love and think would be a great success.

Halloween Photo Booth

Get some spooky props and costumes together along with a simple scary background and you can charge for a photo as well as a print out of the photo if they wish to have it as a hard copy or you could take email addresses and them email the images onto them. If you know someone with a good digital camera you may not even have to pay for a photographer or an actual Photobooth.

Apple Bobbing

It’s a classic game for Halloween parties and works perfect for a fundraiser stall. You could stay traditional and bob apples in water or if you’d prefer a child friendly version you could always place apples in shredded paper. Place a colour on the bottom of each apple and that colour could correspond to a prize.

Pumpkin Bowling

This is a great idea for a autumn fair. Create yourself a runway area, place pins or bottles or halloween statues at the end and use a pumpkin as the bowling ball to knock down as many as possible. You could set 5 as the aim and if you knock down 5 or more you win a prize.

Trick or Treat

Place either a sweet treat or a loosing picture of a scary halloween character into a sealed bag and individuals pay to chose a bag and they win the contents. This is essentially a tombola, just with a Halloween twist!

Spooky Raffle

We may be biased but a raffle is great fundraiser to raise extra funds because it can be run as a singular event or as part of a fair. The prizes can be really easier to source as well with Halloween candy treats or scary movie hampers or even tickets to a Halloween event near by.

Check out the full Pinterest board here.


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