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Christmas No-Bake Recipes

Christmas Cookie Cutters. Image via Viktor Janacek/Freepik

Christmas Cookie Cutters. Image via Viktor Janacek/Freepik

Christmas Bake Sale Part 2- 

Christmas No-Bake Recipes

It can sometimes be tricky to perfect a bake on a batch of biscuits or a luxurious cake and sometimes a quick, simple no-bake treat is a great alterative to classic bake sale goodies and will also take away the stress of the baker producing the goods. These simple no-bake recipes are full of chocolatey goodies and include very few ingredients but look and taste fantastic. These 3 recipes will sell great at a bake sale but will also look fabulous gift wrapped and given out as hand-made presents.

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Christmas Puds

These Chocolate Christmas pudding are super easy to make and the main ingredient is your chocolate tea cake. Whether you prefer the ones filled with jam, or the ones without, these little puds look great on show and are bound to entice people to treat themselves to one (or maybe 2!). You could also make these with a chocolate wagon wheel style biscuit and coat half of the wagon wheel circle and create a flat Christmas Pudding!

150g icing sugar

50-100ml of water

Chocolate Tea Cakes

Strawberry Laces

Green rolled Icing

  1. Open out the tea cakes on a wire rack (allow for the dripping of icing sugar)
  2. Mix together the icing sugar and white to a thick consistency. You want the icing sugar to drip slowly off the spoon in order for it to stick the teacake and not slide off.
  3. Take a tsp of icing sugar and drop it onto the top of the teacake. It should drip down the sides on its own but help it out by adding more icing sugar or gently pushing it down the sides.
  4. Top the white icing with chunks of strawberry laces to make the berries for the holly and cut out holly leaf shapes form the green icing to place on top too. (You could also by small holly leaves that aren’t edible if you don’t want to spend the time creating leaf shapes yourself.)

Marshmallow Snowmen & Reindeer

These cute little marshmallow sticks are great for making your own Christmas characters. They can easily be decorated with all sorts of toppings to create other Christmas favourites like Santa, angels or penguins.

For both the reindeer and the snowman you’ll need:

3 Marshmallows per stick (depends on how many you’re making)

50g Milk chocolate

Oreos & Rolos


Coloured rolled icing or sprinkles

Icing sugar & water

Lollypop sticks


The marshmallow characters are very personal to you and the work on the ingredients you have to hand. This is because the decorations to make the faces can be various coloured ingredients such as balls of coloured icing, chocolates such as M&M’s, cherry’s or dried fruit etc.


  1. Push three marshmallows onto a lolly pop stick
  2. Tie a small piece of ribbon under the first one for scarf, or if you want something edible try a strawberry lace.
  3. Place on the buttons, eyes, nose and mouth using the ingredients you’ve chosen. Secure them with a small dab of icing sugar.
  4. Make the hat using an Oreo biscuit with a Rolo chocolate on top, again securing them all with a dab of icing (or melted chocolate)


  1. Coat your marshmallow with melted chocolate. Leave them on a wire rack and place them in the fridge to cool and harden.
  2. Push three marshmallows on to a lolly pop stick and tie a ribbon (or strawberry lace) under the first one to create a collar.
  3. Again, place on your own decorations to make a face, gluing them with more melted chocolate or icing sugar. Pretzels make great antlers and they are spiked when you break them in half.

Chocolate Slabs

The inspiration for these slabs came from Hotel Chocolate’s fabulous array of flavoured chocolates. Take a look at their website for flavour inspiration. The main ingredient is of course chocolate, any flavour you choose and then the toppings of your choose.

We recommend:

-Dried fruits

-Popping candy



-Digestive biscuits

-Soft, chewy sweets

  1. First you have to melt your chocolate. Break the chocolate squares into smaller chunks and place in a bowl over a pan of hot water. Continue to stir and regularly take of the bowl from the heat to ensure you don’t burn it. You can also try tempering your chocolate to get a shiny, professional finish, but this isn’t necessary. Check out the BBC Good Food guide on how to do this, http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/how-temper-chocolate
  2. Then pour your chocolate into a baking tray (with high sides and lined with greaseproof paper) and smooth out. You can always use two or more types of chocolates and pour them side by side or on top of each other to create a great tastes and a good design.
  3. Sprinkle with your topping. We love the rocky road inspired chocolate slabs, which involves sprinkling over small marshmallows and chopped up digestive biscuits. Push in the ingredients with the back of spoon slightly to makes sure they are fully immersed in the chocolate.
  4. Put in the fridge for a few hours, ideally over night, until solid again. Smash and break up the chocolate to create shards and place in cellophane bags to give as gifts or serve at a bake sale.

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