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Christmas Fair Ideas

Christmas fair ideas

Christmas fair ideas

Christmas Fair Stall Ideas

You have the date set for your Christmas fair and now you need to fill the event with great, seasonal, profitable stalls.

We have put together some festive themed, classic and quirky Christmas Fair ideas to help maximise your fundraising total. It’s time to start organising…


Creative & Craft Christmas Fair Stall Ideas

Crafty Christmas Tree Decorations

It’s easy to find plain Christmas tree decoration from any craft store, we have found some starting at just £1. Place a range of art supplies on the table including paints, pom poms, glitter and marker pens so that the kids can decorate their own baubles.

Christmas Cards & Pictures

Have another craft table with art supplies and allow the children to decorate christmas cards or pieces of card. To make them more special, have some pre cut cardboard frames to frame the picture when they’re finished. If the children choose a card to decorate, have some plain envelopes to give as well.

Face Paint & Nail Art

This works well if you have arty volunteers to help out with the painting. But face painting or nail art works well for all ages. Have a range of pre decided designs for children (or adults) to choose from.

Christmas fair

Festive Food & Drink Christmas Fair  Ideas

Mulled Wine & Mince Pies

What’s a Christmas fair without mulled wine & mince pies? You can sell home-made cakes for that extra special touch or you can sell shop bought. You can include extras to charge more like whipped cream.

Roast Turkey Rolls

If you have the facilities for a hot food stand, the smell and temptation of cooked turkey will certainly be a win! Include all the trimmings to offer extras to their rolls, such as cranberry sauce and stuffing. You could also sell a side of roast potatoes if you’re feeling ambitious.

Festive Biscuit Baking

Bake (or buy) some plain festive biscuits including ginger bread men & shortbread stars and allow the children to decorate them with icing pens and edible extras. Supply coloured icing pens and edible glitter and sugar shapes and let the children get creative. Have a batch of cellophane bags to put the finished biscuits in so that they can take them home with them.

Pick & Mix

Christmas is all about indulgent treats, so have a pick and mix stall and allow the children to fill up bags with their choice of sweets. You can put a fixed prices on different sized bags and they can fill them as much as they want.

Christmas fair

Fun & Games Christmas Fair Stall Ideas

Funny Photobooth

This stall can be great fun and needs minimal effort. Get some Christmas props and outfits that children and adults can dress up in and use, have a festive backdrop and a decent digital camera and take their photo. You can charge a one off fee for a number of shots or simply take their email address and email the photos over. If you don’t have the facilities to print them there and then. You could also charge an extra fee to have the photo printed out.

Rudolph Nose

Take a cardboard box and paint the top to look like Rudolph. Cut a hole out of the top where his nose is (big enough for a child’s hand) and fill the box with black plastic balls and one or two red balls. If the child pulls out a red ball then they win a prize.

Snowball Bounce

Have a range of jars laid out together and the aim is to take a white ping pong ball and bounce it into a jar. Have 3 balls per go and if they get one in they win a prize. You could also colour coordinate the jars to a range of prizes they receive.


The raffle is aimed at the adults, with festive prizes up for grabs and the tombola is aimed at the children with small sweeties or soft toys up for grabs. The thrill of draw will entice people in.

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