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Seasonal Fundraising Calendar

Seasonal Fundraising Calendar One of the best way to get the community involved in a fundraising event is if it has a seasonal theme. Research has shown that donations to charities rise towards the end of the year and it’s said that the Christmas spirit encourages people to give a little extra. However, there are […]

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Easter Infographic

Easter Fundraising Ideas Easter has arrived early this year, which means all the easter fundraising plans are happening now! Luckily the sunshine has started to shine brighter and the daffodils are in full swing, which makes for the perfect atmosphere for raising money. From Easter fairs to egg hunts and bake sales, there are plenty […]

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Pancake Day Recipes!

  Happy Pancake Day! Pancake Day may just be our favourite holiday here in the office so we decided it was essential to create a Pinterest mood board of our favourite recipes! Whether your a traditionalist with your pancakes or whether you like to experiment with flavours and textures, we have the perfect mood board […]

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Valentines Infographic

It’s that time of year again when the country is loved up and preoccupied by hearts, love and laughter. February the 14th is of course Valentine’s day and we thought what better way to celebrate the day than creating a valentines themed fundraising event. Raise money for your school, charity or club with a loved […]

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It's 2016 so we're having a make-over!

Happy New Year – 2016! We’re having a make-over We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Year and that you’re now refreshed and ready for the new year. After all the excitement, celebrations, bubbly and indulgent food we thought we had best start 2016 with a clean refresh. From the filling cabinets to our […]

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What's your New Years Resolution?

Do you have a New Years Resolution? Every year, most of us set ourselves goals and resolutions to create a better version of ourselves! Have a clean out, detox and refresh for a better new year. But how long do the resolutions actually last for? Till the end of January? The end of the week? […]

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Merry Christmas: Last Order Dates

Merry Christmas: Last Order Dates It’s the week of Christmas and the team at Raffle Tickets 4U are truly embracing the Christmas spirit! From Christmas jumpers to winter parties and seasonal gift giving, the mood at the office is full of joy and we hope you feel the same. We are still here in the […]

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What to put in a Christmas Hamper

Christmas Hampers are a popular choice for raffle prizes and they also make the perfect Christmas gift. They can be super easy to put together and create a gift or a prize that is really thoughtful and special. Buying a pre-made hamper can be quite expensive, which is why many of you have turned to […]

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Countdown to Christmas

Countdown to Christmas 1st of December 2015 We welcome the 1st of December with open arms as now we can truly get excited about Christmas! Christmas decorations are going up and the Christmas shopping really begins as everyone gets into the festive spirit and the Christmas cheer. Tis the season to be jolly, right? If […]

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Our Top Two 2015 Christmas Adverts

  Our Top Two 2015 Christmas Adverts The battle of the best Christmas ad seems to get more competitive each year, with our best loved brands trying to pull on our heart strings and symbolise the festive season in just a few minutes. With top contenders from Debenhams, Burberry, Lidl and Asda this year, our top two, 2015 […]

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