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Seasonal Fundraising Calendar

Seasonal Fundraising Calendar One of the best way to get the community involved in a fundraising event is if it has a seasonal theme. Research has shown that donations to charities rise towards the end of the year and it’s said that the Christmas spirit encourages people to give a little extra. However, there are […]

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New Partnership: The Scouts Association

New Partnership: The Scouts Association We are excited to announce the launch of our partnership with The Scouts Association. Our mutual love of fundraising has made this partnership a great match. We take great pride in the part we play in helping The Scout Groups nationwide to fundraise money and providing them with high quality, […]

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5 Socially Responsible Companies That Inspire Us

5 Socially Responsible Companies That Inspire Us It is no longer acceptable for business to neglect their social responsibility within society and as consumers become more knowledgable and passionate about the environment, the workers in the supply chain and the products we ultimately consume, the companies have got to step up. We have chosen our […]

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