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Boost your Raffle Ticket Sales eBook

raffle ticket sales ebook

Boost your Raffle Ticket Sales eBook

Maximising your raffle ticket sales is the key aim when running any raffle. Ideally, you’d like to sell every single ticket that you have created in order to raise as much money as possible. This is why we have put together our first free eBook entitled, Boost Your Raffle Ticket Sales – Tips & Guide, to help you maximise your fundraising total.

We understand that every little counts towards your charities, schools, clubs and organisations that your running your raffle for, so we wanted to provide you with a resource that could help you maximise sales. Our aim at Raffle Tickets 4U is to make fundraising easy, which is why we have put together our all our top tips and tricks for promoting and marketing your raffle. Regardless of the size of your charity, school or club, there are always more people who could get involved to help you raise the money you need.

Whilst the ideas and advice in this guide are specific to raffle events, the techniques could easily be transferred to other fundraising events of various sizes. So if you’re planning on fundraising this year, this guide can help you!

The eBook covers:

-Finding & communicating your message

-Finding and expanding your audience

-Choosing the right marketing channel for your time scale, budget and skill level.

-Ideas and advice on to use: traditional printed marketing material, social media, creating the best ticket, using word of mouth and finding resellers.

Download the free eBook using the link below and let us know how you get on at your next event!

raffle tickets sales download

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